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American Payroll Corporation, your local payroll solution since 1994.

Why Use Us?

Because we can help your company succeed. We work for you!

We are Cost Effective.

We become an extension of your office staff, without the overhead. There's no need to maintain an in-house system with business checks, ongoing legal updating, or expensive expertise. One low monthly fee does it all. Your fees can actually be LESS than the cost of in-house staff preparation.

We Save You Time and Help You Make Money.

We free you and your staff up to do what you do best - make money! - while we take care of your essential non-revenue generating activities. No more calculation frustration, tedious data, or tax liability. Simply fax, call in, or deliver your payroll information to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

We Increase Confidentiality and Promote Healthier Working Relationships.

Your payroll won't be common office knowledge. We give you more flexibility to pay each employee what they are worth, without the stress of office politics.

We Are Insured and Bonded

Your payroll is safe with us.

We Are a Reliable Resource

Your payroll gets done right, on time, guaranteed! We are also a great reference resource for your retirement plans and other technical questions.